“I No Longer Feel Like I Can Hardly Do Anything”: Personal and Career Consequences of Validation of Transversal Skills

Steinunn Bjork Jonatansdottir, Arnheidur Gigja Gudmundsdottir, Sif Einarsdottir


Validation of transversal skills has been offered in the life-long services in Iceland. The aim of this study was to explore the career and personal consequences for people participating in validation of prior learning of transversal skills. Semi-open interviews were conducted with six participants who had completed transversal skills validation process. The results revealed, increased awareness of what they are capable of, what they had learned in life and work, and how they could use their skills in the labor market. This made them more hopeful and capable in career planning, increasing self-efficacy. A history of failed educational attempts, with concomitant discouragement was a common theme in their lives. Therefore, the career guidance counselor played a key role in providing encouragement to complete the process. It can be concluded that validation of transversal skills helps in rewriting more positive career stories.

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